Sex Toys Rising In Popularity With Australian Men And Women

sex toys in australia

Make no doubt about it – The number of women in Australia that own sex toys or vibrators is higher than it has ever been before. But what’s interesting to see, is that men are now showing some interest and have starting buying them as well.

We spoke with Jasmine, owner of the ever so popular online adult sex toys store who told us that about half of their sales comprise of purchases from males. She said that in the last 10 years there has been a 10 times increase in the number of sex toys sold to men.

According to Jasmine the number one best selling sex toy is still the rabbit vibrator, however, gone are the days of the big chunky mechanical looking toys, and thankfully, they have been replaced with much more attractive looking ones made my world renowned brands

Probably the most popular one that exists today is the Lelo Soraya rabbit vibrator, which has earned a reputation with women as being one of the finest toys available. You can take a quick look at the famous vibrator here:

A key element to their rise in popularity has been the dramatic shift from hideous looking toys that you would be embarrassed to own, to more designer orientated ones, making them much more appealing and acceptable to own.

Many women are happily showing off their new toys to their girlfriends, and these days women will be much more open to talking about sexuality and orgasms.

Jasmine says, that increasingly women who are looking for the right type of sex toy to help improve their ability to experience an orgasm are contacting her for advice. She says that while there are many styles and brands available, it’s important to choose the right one for your own specific needs.

Most women will be content with a vibrator that provides stimulation either on the clitoris or on the g-spot areas. But she says that the reason why the rabbit vibrator is so popular is because, being a dual action vibrator, it provides stimulation to both of these areas at the same time.

Having said that, women need to be familiar with their own bodies and work out what type of stimulation works best. Some women will only be able to orgasm from clitoris stimulation, while others will only be able to orgasms from g-spot stimulation.

The rabbit vibrator provides the best of both worlds – and if you prefer, you can turn the setting off that vibrates against the clitoris and which will in effect turn it into a normal vibrator.

One other word of advice that Jasmine has for us all, is that you must buy better quality sex toys over the more cheaper brands and products that are available. The brands that available at are some of the best in the world and will serve you very well indeed.

Sexpo 2013 In Melbourne This Weekend

Sexpo 2013 Melbourne

It’s been an exciting lead up to the end of Spring. Last weekend I got back from a glamorous fundraising night held to support some of Australia’s local and most finest adult industry entertainers as they make their debut appearances at the up and comping Sexpo 2013 being held in Melbourne from the 22th – 24th of November.

The event seems to be quite an exiting weekend with many attractions and superstars on exhibition, plus the official Sexpo after-party is shaping up to be quite a big crowd pleaser. I still have vivid memories of attending one of their after-parties a few years ago. Take a look at the video below to see what type of event can be expected.

Official Sexpo V.I.P After Party 2010

The aim of Sexpo is that people of a like-minded nature can get together in a fun and vibrant atmosphere to enjoy and discover new things related to the adult industry. This event is not just about sex, it’s about sexuality and adult lifestyles.

If you haven’t yet been to one, make sure you give it a try!

Vibrators For Women Are Back In Fashion

Sex and the City

And The Exploding Popularity Of Vibrators

Brought to fame by a famous episode of Sex and The City, the use of vibrators among women has exploded in popularity in recent years, so much so, that they are currently in more demand than ever before.

Specialist female novelty stores like Females Pleasure are providing women with a selection of some of the best toys available, just take a look at some of the amazing on offer at their online store.

These toys are even starting to make their way into almost every major retailer, and companies like Trojan are literally taking the message to the streets with creative marketing campaigns portraying vibrators as fun and accepted by society more than ever.

In fact they gave away 10,000 free vibrators in the streets in order to get the product out there in consumers hands, can you believe that!? You can read about it below.

Just take a look at this video and see for yourself:

Trojan Pleasure Carts Hit NYC – BreakThruTV [ep31]

Talk about clever marketing!

But how is it that we’ve come so far from the first vibrator that was invented in 1883 for treating female hysteria, to one of today’s most popular selling retail products?

Well, there has been a long history of vibrators and other sexual toys used for similar purposes, but they have always remained quite taboo and not openly talked about.

These days however, an estimated one in three women currently owns and uses one, which suggests that all the taboos that were once associated with sex toys are slowly vanishing.

Why are vibrators so suddenly so popular?

Well, for starters women are less willing to settle for unsatisfying sex, and less willing to be left high and dry. So instead, they are turning to beautifully designed “pleasure toys” to get the job done well.

Women have much higher sexual expectations nowadays, and the introduction of vibrators into a sexual relationship is now much more widespread and accepted.

If a male partner is unable to fully satisfy his female companion, he can now use a vibrator on her to help her achieve orgasm.

Where 75% of men report having had an orgasm during their last sexual experience, it is a much smaller 25% of women that say they have achieved orgasms.

Why are women accepting vibrators?

Part of the reason why they have become so popular is because they have been marketed in a more fun and feminine way.

And online adult toy stores are committed to making the buying experience comfortable for women for the first time in history.

Stores are making it their mission to separate the old sexual taboo and seediness of shopping for these products at dimly lit, back ally type sex shops, and introducing a safer and more acceptable way of shopping.

The trend towards the acceptance and encouragement of female sexuality has been a long time coming.

No pun intended ;-)

Manuela x